Personal Data Policy

General information about the Personal Data Law

Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (hereinafter referred to as KVKK) was accepted on 24 March 2016 and published in the Official Gazette No. 29677 dated 7 April 2016. Some of the KVKK entered into force on the date of publication, and some on October 7, 2016.

Information as data controller

In accordance with KVKK No. 6698 and as the Data Controller, your personal data is within the framework explained on this page; will be recorded, stored, updated, disclosed/transferred to third parties where permitted by the legislation, classified and processed in the ways listed in KVKK.

How your personal data may be processed

In accordance with KVKK No. 6698, your personal data that you share with our Company may be obtained, recorded, stored, changed, rearranged, in short, in whole or in part, automatically, or by non-automatic means provided that it is part of any data recording system, and is subject to all kinds of operations performed on the data. can be processed by us. Any operation performed on data within the scope of KVKK is considered "processing of personal data".

Personal Data Policy