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Hooded Oversize Sweatshirt

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Hooded Oversize Sweatshirt

Hooded Oversize Sweatshirt

  • Hooded oversize sweatshirt is a term used to describe a clothing product. Here is the explanation of this term: Hoodie: A sweatshirt is equipped with a hood or hood designed to protect your head. The hood can be used to protect your head in rainy or windy weather, or can be worn simply for style and comfort.
  • Oversize: Oversize means that the garment has a larger or looser fit than usual. This type of sweatshirt offers a more comfortable and spacious look without hugging the body more. Oversize design is ideal for those who love comfort and casual style.
  • Wide Fit: Wide fit indicates that the clothing has a wider design than its body size. This is especially suitable for those who prefer a looser and more comfortable style instead of tighter cuts that hug the body more.
  • Sweatshirt: A sweatshirt is a long-sleeved top, usually made of thick cotton or fleece material. It is usually used in cold weather or while doing sports, but is also popular as daily wear.
  • In conclusion, the hooded oversize sweatshirt is a roomy and comfortable sweatshirt with a great fit and also has a hood. These types of sweatshirts are a preferred option for people looking for comfort and elegance together.

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